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Gallery: New Work

It’s been a busy year, from continued exploration of Baltimore and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, to event and portrait work.

Gallery: Baltimore’s Arabbers

Baltimore is the last city in the country to have working arabbers - horse and wagon vendors of fruits and vegetables. The city was once full of horses and stables, and it's been estimated that anywhere from two-or-three dozen to a couple of hundred arabbers were working the streets during the 1950's and 60's.

Times have changed, and only three stables remain. Arabbers still bring their wares to parts of the city where there are no supermarkets and no place to buy fresh produce - of particular importance to those with limited mobility, whether due to old age, physical handicaps, or simply lack of transportation. But the number of arabber wagons on the street has dwindled to two or three, and the tradition is in danger of dying.

Storytelling: The Lonaconing Silk Mill

We interviewed former employees of the Lonaconing Silk Mill in western Maryland, as well as its current owner, in order to make a case to local and state government for the preservation of this historic structure.

Gallery: Urban Landscape

My beloved city of Baltimore.

Gallery: The Eastern Shore

My second home: the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Oral History: Washington, D.C.

Interviews and photographs of the residents of three rapidly-changing neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.