Photo by Nancy Love

Photo by Nancy Love

Who Is Working at Working Image?

I'm lucky to be doing what I love. I will never get tired of capturing a "moment," or a story, in a photograph. The joy of two people getting married, the celebration of a birthday party or some other event, the curiosity and openness of a child, the natural dignity of people at work, the beauty in a night sky or a landscape - even the sadness, and story, of a decayed and crumbling building - are all things that excite and motivate me to produce the best work that I can.

I offer portrait and event photography, technical and creative instruction, photo history tours (which can be customized to your interests), and a small but growing fine art portfolio from which you can order prints. I celebrate the diversity of human experience - very simply, everyone is welcome.

Working Image is named in honor of my friend Martha Tabor, who specialized in images of people at work. After receiving a Masters Degree in Comparative Literature, she worked as a welder in the tunnels of the Washington, DC metro system, and then as a very fine photographer and sculptor. Martha died of cancer in 2004, and so this small remembrance of her...

-- Robert Sullivan