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Creative Vision

This class is based on the premise that we are all unique, and we can all create unique work.

Without creative vision, a photograph is just an everyday record of an event. With vision, however, a photograph can go beyond being a snapshot, and convey emotion, tell a story, or express the depth and meaning of your unique way of looking at the world.

While creative vision can’t be learned in a day, it can be developed over time. As a photographer, your vision will develop and change as you continue to explore new ideas, find new sources of inspiration, and as your experience with photography grows and develops. If you look for new ways to convey your ideas through your photographs, you will develop your own personal style and develop your artistic vision.

In this class, we’ll use different exercises to stimulate our creativity, discuss and illustrate good composition, look at lots of photographs to see what works and what doesn’t, explore the elements of a photographer’s “toolbox,” and, if you choose, review your work in class.

You should leave this class with new ideas for how to make your photographs more interesting and reflective of your uniqueness - your ideas, interests, and passions.

This class will be taught at Frederick Community College in Frederick, MD.

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