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Tours and Teaching

In addition to workshops, I offer the following:

Photo History Tours

I've conducted photo history tours of Patterson Park and Druid Hill Park - two of the oldest city parks in the country, and historic and picturesque Fells Point - all in Baltimore. New tours are being planned for Dorchester County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Washington DC, and Baltimore.

The tours not only highlight the history in locations prime for photography, but we also provide technical assistance in the use of your camera, and ideas and suggestions for improving your photography.

Private Instruction

Private instruction is offered to both individuals and to small groups. The instruction is shaped around your interests, needs, and concerns, and is offered at very reasonable rates.

I believe that you learn by doing, not by observing, and all instruction is hands-on - on location, if possible.

Please contact me for more information.

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Outer Banks Photography Workshop

In addition to capturing the Milky Way, some general photography concepts will be covered along with various advanced techniques to improve your work. We’ll also cover post-processing using Lightroom, Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge. DXO NIK will also be demonstrated within the workflow, along with other Apps for stacking and blending of images.


Photo of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse by Carol Ward Photography

Photo of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse by Carol Ward Photography

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5:00 PM17:00

By the Light of the Moon

Night shooting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We’re here to assist you with the following:

- shooting in manual mode and in RAW
- photographing the moon - long exposure photography
- setting the correct white balance
- using the histogram
- dealing with mixed light sources
- using a remote, or cable release, and mirror-up mode
- achieving accurate focus
- long exposure NR
- starbursts
- light painting


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6:00 PM18:00

Night Shoot on Assateague Island

This is a Milky Way workshop, though we’ll gather early enough to shoot sunset and the wild horses of Assateague. The training for the Milky Way is geared towards first timers with an interest in Nightscaping. You will need a DSLR (preferably full frame), a wide-angle lens with an aperture of f2.8 or wider, a cable or remote release, and a sturdy tripod. We'll provide all the necessary information on camera settings. The key for success is getting proper single frame captures combined with accurate focus for pinpoint sharp stars.


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6:30 PM18:30

Moonlight Becomes You

Night photography is a time to explore and experiment, to play and have fun. We've timed this workshop for the full moon, and moonlight is wonderful illumination for your night exposures. Even if it's cloudy, though, there are many other sources of illumination, and we’ll explore different sources at each location.

We'll start at sunset, because sunsets here are amazing. We'll then take you to several of our favorite spots on the east bank of the Honga River and on Tedious Creek. All locations are in Dorchester County on Maryland's Eastern Shore. You'll see a small fishing village that looks like it could be in Maine, marinas filled with working (watermen's) boats, abandoned buildings and boats, and an old church hall, among other sights. Most of the locations have beautiful views of the water.


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8:30 PM20:30

Night Shoot on Hoopers Island

Join us for an evening photographing the night sky. We'll show you the best camera settings and techniques for capturing the night sky, with a special focus on the Milky Way.

We'll be photographing on Hoopers Island, in Dorchester County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We'll send the location at which the group will meet, and then we'll carpool to one or more locations from which we'll shoot.


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3:30 PM15:30

Chesapeake Bay Sunset Lighthouse Cruise

We are delighted to sponsor this cruise, which will visit six lighthouses, getting close enough to each one for you to get some great photos. The last lighthouse visited will be at sunset, though there should be beautiful late-afternoon light for the other lighthouses.

The entire cruise covers about 70 miles, and leaves from Hoopers Island. You are welcome to bring food and drink on board with you. Note that we'll be on the water for about five hours, and will not be getting off the boat. There are plenty of shaded areas on board so that you can get out of the sun. There is also a small, but perfectly functional, bathroom on board. Monopods are welcome, but tripods are not.

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